Property Management for Residential and Multi-Family Residences

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Craig & Craig Professional Realty Corporation manage residential and multi-family residences for owners and investors that own real estate in Merced and Stanislaus County. We provide personalize care of the day to day management of their properties and tenants. It is almost always more efficient for owners to allow our company to lease and manage their investment property, resulting in a greater net operating profit. Professional management is a key to investment protection and real estate success. We succeed when our clients achieve their investment goals through effective counsel and management of their real estate assets.


In residential Merced & Stanislaus County Craig & Craig Professional Realty Corporation provides:

• Easy Fees: Our pricing is fair and economical. It has a one time set up fee of $800 to get started. Our fee is based on a percentage of collected rents and a leasing fee (taken from first months rent). We only get paid when your property is generating income. It’s a win win situation.

• Tenant placement: With our advertising continually running, we take numerous efforts on a regular basis to keep units fully rented. We require each potential tenant to complete an application, and then follow up to verify their employment, rental history, and credit & criminal history. This helps assure that your property will have the best tenant possible.

• Rent Collection: We collect the rent and send it to the property owner. Tenants have the ability to pay their rent online for prompt payment.

• Free property inspections: Every six months, we make a thorough inspection of your unit, both inside and outside. This helps us insure your property is being properly cared for.

• Latest Technologies: Our fully computerized accounting system provides our clients with up to date reporting, increasing control over their properties. Each month you receive a financial statement showing monies collected and any disbursements that have been made. We can provide numerous reports including tenant rental histories, property rental histories etc.

• Maintenance services: To save you money, we use our trusted vendors to provide quality and timely maintenance for your property. This can save you hundreds of dollars per year.

• Collections and evictions: If rents are not paid on time, we begin the processes necessary to collect rents or evict tenants.

• Protecting Your Investment: Our professional management maintains and raises the level of a building’s tenants, ensuring high levels of occupancy and steady income.

• Professional Service: We offer a full range of management services, from rent collection and contract negotiation and renewal, to ongoing upkeep and preventive maintenance.

• Dedication to Our Clients: We have the ability and strength to provide an immediate solution to your management situation.

• Internet Marketing: Information about your property will be available world-wide.